About & FAQ

What is CupcakeCamp?

CupcakeCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and eat cupcakes in an open environment. Every CupcakeCamp raises awareness about and funds for a charity of that city's choosing.

What is CupcakeCampDC's Charity of Choice?

In 2010, the first ever CupcakeCampDC, all proceeds went to GSCNC (Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital). In 2011, we donated to  DC Candlelighters Child Cancer Foundation.

CupcakeCampDC 2013 is benefiting Becky's Fund.

From their website: 
The mission of Becky’s Fund is fourfold:

Foster awareness: Help people understand the elements of domestic violence through education, such as its prevalence, why battered victims cannot always leave easily, and what can be done to fight against domestic violence.
Encourage advocacy: Encourage people to care about and help put an end to domestic violence.
Promote activism: Take an active role in helping battered victims find safety through counseling, education and legal representation.
Create support: Provide support for victims of domestic violence.
CupcakeCampDC will take place in the month of October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Can I buy or sell cupcakes at the event?

No. CupcakeCamp is for people who want to bring cupcakes and eat them *at the event*.

Can I really attend if I don’t bring cupcakes?

Yes! While bringing cupcakes is encouraged, we need 11 people to eat a cupcake for every dozen! There is an occupancy limit, and you will be limited in the number of cupcakes you can taste.

Do we bake or decorate our cupcakes at the event?

No – your cupcakes should be ready to go at the event. However, feel free to organize your own baking get-togethers with friends before CupcakeCamp!

Where have CupcakeCamps already taken place?

Check out the worldwide CupcakeCamp directory!

What if I can't attend this year's CupcakeCampDC?

You can donate through the site, get on the list for next year's, or help Becky's Fund directly .

Sponsors for CupcakeCampDC 2013