Friday, October 4, 2013

Baker Spotlight: Crunkcakes

Faith Alice is a bartender and the owner/Master Baker of Crunkcakes, the orignial booze infused cupcakes. Crunkcakes are DC's original booze infused cupcakes. Here to give you cavities and liver damage at the same time, these sweet treats pack a 21+ punch. The cupcakes are infused with alcohol after they are baked, making them far more bad ass than what is available to you in Georgetown. Crunkcakes are available at The Pug, The Star and Shamrock and Black Whiskey, and also through private order.

What is your favorite type of cupcake?

Boozy tres leches

If you had to describe yourself as a cupcake, how would you?

nfused with booze, sweet but can knock you on your ass, just like a Crunkcake.

What is your other favorite local cupcakery?

I don't go to very many cupcake shops but I do recall liking everything I have tried at Hello Cupcake.

What cupcakes do you plan to bring to CupcakeCampDC?

A mix of booze infused flavors including Irish Car Bomb, Birthday Blackout and maybe a few more.

"Baker Spotlight" is an online featurette of bakers or bakeries that are participating in CupcakeCampDC.

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