Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Looking Back at CupcakeCampDC 2013

DC's fourth annual CupcakeCamp was held this past weekend at the Brixton. Many of you showed up and ate some delicious cupcakes, won great raffle prizes, and donated to a good cause. We gathered up your feedback/voting slips and got your entries for "Crowd Favorite" award winner and your thoughts about CupcakeCampDC.


All of you said the venue was great! Thanks so much to the Brixton for accommodating us and for allowing us to enjoy the wonderful weather on the roof. Hopefully you were able to check out the Brixton if you had never been there before (72% of you hadn't!).

Organization: This year we switched it up and gave bakers aprons instead of t-shirts. This streamlined the process since there we no longer size or color choices. We continued our VIP idea from last year, but encouraged VIPs to come an hour earlier to spread out the eating and offer an additional incentive. Thanks to Harris Teeter for donating the cupcake containers for VIP donators again this year.

Charity: This was our first year choosing Becky's Fund as the charity for CupcakeCampDC. This year we were able to raise $1,621.04 for their educational support programs and direct support program for victims affected by domestic violence. Thank you all for your support and effort in changing the lives of those affected by domestic violence. We had a great presentation by Becky as well as an emotional story from a survivor of domestic violence. Hopefully you were able to stop by their table on the roof and receive more information about their programs and enter to win some silent auction prizes.

Becky's Fund
Thanks so much to our Sponsors: Harris Teeter Pentagon Row (Cupcake Containers), Patchwork Designs Aprons), Stephanie Tsong (Brochures), South Block Smoothie (Raffle Prizes), Starbucks Metro Center (Raffle Prizes), Oandasan Family (Raffle Prizes), Yida Li (Photography), Bake Shop, DJ, Uber DC, Cupcake Sponsors: Sprinkles, Happy Tart, Bakehouse, Cruncakes, Best Buns, Cake Love, Sweet n Delicious; Media Sponsors: Girl Meets Food, Cloture Club, Johnna Knows Good Food, Capital Cooking Show, Yelp DC, and of course all of our wonderful volunteers and bakers!

Please stay tuned here for updates on CupcakeCampDC 2013, 2014, and other CupcakeCamp related going-ons. If you are interested in being a judge or volunteering for next year, contact us at

Also, if you are not able to attend but you have signed up as a baker or volunteer, please let us know you will not be attending. Half the bakers and over half of the volunteers did not show up and did not let us know they were not coming. Thankfully we received wonderful donations from Sprinkles, Happy Tart, Bakehouse, Crunkcakes, Best Buns, Sweet N Delicious and Cake Love so we were able to supplement some of the missing cupcakes. But, there were attendees that arrived later during the event that had to be turned away due to lack of cupcakes. Since we were short on volunteers, we couldn't inform attendees about the raffle prizes or silent auctions, or else we could have raised much more money for Becky's Fund!


The judge panel chose the winners for best tasting cupcakes and you, the attendees, wrote your favorite cupcakes in to vote for the crowd favorite. There were four judges and they tallied up their scores and averaged them out to determine the winners. 

First Place: Banana Pudding Cupcakes

Second Place: Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes

Third Place: Midnight Cupcakes

Volunteer Favorite: Monika's Snickers Cupcakes

Crowd Favorite: Olivia's Amaretto Tiramisu Cupcakes/Megan's Midnight Cake/Amanda's Red Velvet Cupcakes/Janvier's Red Velvet Cupcakes/Kristen's Oktoberfest
(Note: Crowd Favorite was "Amaretto", but we couldn't find Amaretto on the judging sheet. Later, we found out Olivia had switched her flavor up to Amaretto Tiramisu instead of Almond Tiramisu but then were notified that some votes for Megan's were titled "Amaretto" due to the frosting. We went to the next high scoring which was "Red Velvet" -- same problem there! The first non-duplicated flavor name with a high score was Kristen's Oktoberfest, which was the award handed out at the event)


There were some great shots taken at CupcakeCampDC! Please add any photos you might have to the Flickr Group and the slideshow below will be automatically updated.


Did you miss the jewelry bar or free makeovers? They're both continuing their Becky's Fund specials online.

Press Coverage

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