Wednesday, July 14, 2010

T-Shirt Designs & Raffle Information

We're working on getting some t-shirts together for CupcakeCampDC!
Patchwork Designs, Inc. has been so awesome and agreed to donate the shirts and silkscreening for these t-shirts. We're planning on having different color shirts for Judges, Bakers, and Volunteers. Don't worry, we'll have a few shirts to give away to attendees as raffle prizes!

One thing, We didn't put a date on the t-shirt (whoops!). Do you think we should have "2010" on the T-shirt, and if so, where? Leave a comment with your suggestions.


So far, we have a few different prizes to raffle off, I'm hoping to have raffle tickets available for a $1 donation to GSCNC. If you know of any places that have great prizes to offer that you'd like to see at CupcakeCampDC, let us know!


  1. I think 2010 should either go right above "Washington, D.C." or right below 'cupcake'

  2. I second Zucca's suggestion. Can't wait!