Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meet the Judges: Adrienne

Adrienne, a judge for CupcakeCampDC 2012, is addicted to cupcakes.  She has enjoyed baking, and eating, desserts for her entire life. While she has always loved dessert, she fell in love with cupcakes when she received Ann Byrn’s Cupcakes by the Cake Mix Doctor as a birthday gift. She was hooked and set a goal to bake every recipe in that book. Fast forward five years and 74 recipes later to her cupcake-centric blog Little Miss Cupcake, a unique blog where she plays both critic and baker on her quest for the perfect cupcake.

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m a spunky, perennially upbeat lady that lives to bake cupcakes, especially for my students. I want everyone to feel like they can bake delicious cupcakes. Baking is something everyone can do, and I want beginners to feel supported as they take their first steps into the kitchen. I discovered CupcakeCampDC last fall, searching for DC-area cupcake events, and was sad that I had missed the event. I have been following this year’s event, gearing up for an array of tasty cupcakes. I am so excited to network with fellow cupcake lovers, and [am] honored to serve as a judge for this event!

What is your favorite type of cupcake?

Hailing oriignally from the Gulf Coast, I love all tropical-inspired cupcakes, like Cupcake Actually's Caribbean Queen.

If you had to describe yourself as a cupcake, how would you?

Strawberry Shortcake with rainbow sprinkles on top

What is your favorite local cupcake place?

If she was on a deserted island, and could take just three cupcakes with her, Adrienne would bring sugar sweet sunshine’s Strawberry Cream Cheese, Georgetown Cupcake’s Key Lime, and the Sweet Lobby’s Pineapple Inside Out. Sweet Lobby [is the best]-they completely live up to the hype. Two words: flavor explosion.

What is it about cupcakes that you like?

Something about cupcakes and their adorable, petite size, fun garnishes and unique flavor combinations has me coming back for more.

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