Thursday, October 3, 2013

Baker Spotlight: Sweet n Delicious

Sweet n Delicious offers freshly baked and heavenly handcrafted cake pops and mini cupcakes throughout the DMV. Each and every order is carefully put together because the most important thing to them is satisfaction. It’s not about how many orders they can complete but the quality of taste it consists of which is what keeps our clients happy and wanting more! Presentation is key but knowing that you will possibly be dreaming of their moist cake pops and mini cupcakes is pure satisfaction. After all, they just want to make sure you Live Life One Cake Pop at a Time!

Tell us about yourself

Sweet n Delicious was established in 2012 by Damara aka-Mara who later partnered up with her younger sister Lamara. Not only are our names extremely creative and rhythmic, Thanks Mom and Dad, but so is our work ethic. Although we are separated by a 9 year age gap, our bond is irreplaceable which makes working together a lot easier.

What is your favorite type of cupcake?

Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate Fudge Frosting –Mara
Vanilla Cupcake with Chocolate Hazelnut Frosting –Lamara

If you had to describe yourself as a cupcake, how would you?

We see ourselves as the modest cupcake that delicately sits on its own just waiting for somebody to  give them a try and once they do they’re overcome with a burst of flavor and absolute bliss. You walk into a bakery and are just in awe of all of the selections available. You eventually go for the overly frosted and decorated item simply because it looks pretty and if its pretty it’s going to be delicious right? Unfortunately, that isn’t the case well most of the time. It’s always that one simply frosted cupcake that ends up being the most DELICIOUS piece of heaven (literally).

What is your other favorite local cupcakery?

We like Georgetown Cupcakes

What cupcakes do you plan to bring to CupcakeCampDC?

Mini Sweet Potato Cupcakes

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